Marques de Riscal; The City of Wine & their Award Winning Rioja Reserva

Learn about the history of Marques de Riscal, founded in 1858. Marques de Riscal has always been an innovating, pioneering cellar and reference in a constantly changing winemaking sector. Learn about the launch their iconic winery, designed by Canadian Frank Gehry.

The video discusses how the award winning Marques de Riscal Rioja Reserva is made, looks and tastes.

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Will a Fruit Day Make My Wine Taste Better?

Will a Fruit Day Make My Wine Taste Better?

Biodynamicists think so

Biodynamicists see wine as a living organism, which responds to the moon’s rhythms in a similar way to the human body, and therefore Biodynamics is not just for winemakers, but also for wine drinkers, influencing when a wine tastes best. Therefore followers of Biodynamics believe that the same wine can taste different on different days of the year, according to the calendar.