About Us

Bacchus Group was formed in the 1960’s in Alberta. Our focus is in bringing wine, spirits and beer to the Canadian market by using our expertise in sales, marketing, inventory management and supply. We offer a complete solution for our producers across the Canadian provinces, the Yukon and North West Territories:

  • Sales management and professional sales people in each province
  • Coverage of key buyers in each province; from Liquor Board buyers to grocery chain buyers
  • Promotions and public relation are developed and implemented in-house
  • Logistics and importing is critical in the Canadian market with many unique aspects. We guide our suppliers though labelling, shipping, invoicing and other critical administrative issues
  • Sales forecasts and information are completed and shared with suppliers
  • Promotional planning and expert tracking systems ensure our suppliers receive value and budget conscious programming
  • With strong partners in Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada, we have national brand solutions with the precision sales and marketing only regional distributors can offer